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      August Today's Special Value

      What could possibly be more exciting than a Collagene Expert Summer TSV Collection? How about a Collagene Expert Summer TSV Collection which features TWO NEW Collagene Expert launches AND a MEGASIZE customer fav! 

      A walk-in wardrobe of wrinkle-fighting skincare, this ensemble of newness features a NEW Collagene Expert Ceramide Smoothing Cream, a NEW Collagene Expert Plumping Revival Mask AND a HUGE tube of Defi Lift Firming Neck and Decollete Gel (I say huge because it is over 4 times bigger than the full-size formula!). The key to hydrated, firm and plump skin, this trio of ‘seriously smoothing’ heroes will be your complexion saviours this summer especially if your skin is looking, well, rather deflated!

      I always find it fascinating how the skincare trends come and go, but the spotlight has stayed firmly fixed on Collagen for the past few years often making an appearance in serums, masks, drinks and supplements. Making up 30% of the total protein in the body it’s the most abundant protein responsible for maintaining the health of the skin as well joints, muscles, and nails, and although your body is capable of making this wonder protein our ability to produce it declines with age. (‘sigh’).  We lose 1% of collagen every year past the age of 25 years with the decline being so gradual you probably won’t even realise it until the symptoms appear.  Dry skin, loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles, a lacklustre complexion – these are all unwelcome indicators of collagen deficiency.

      One of the latest additions to the Collagene Expert youth-prolonging line that I am VERY excited about is our Ceramide Smoothing Cream, an absolute dynamo of a day and night moisturiser which works triple duty targeting every ageing bugbear from marionettes to the first signs of loss of elasticity.  Combining three different types of collagen molecules, including the first ever bio designed vegan collagen called Humacoll21 there isn’t much this game-changing moisturiser can’t do.  Achieving an impressive feat, these ‘fountain of youth’ collagen peptides work at different levels of the skin, acting fast to refill collagen levels, inflate wrinkles and restore bounce and suppleness.   Packing in Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres, this lightly whipped textured cream floods skin with waves of moisture and lashings of lipids, strengthening your skin’s natural moisture barrier and keeping it in tip-top health.  But it doesn’t stop there, we’ve also called upon the help of Arnica Montana Flower and Vitamin C, to help those complexions lacking that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to swiftly dispel any dullness and unveil a bright and smooth visage.

      Even the most robust of skincare regimes need a boost to target specific concerns and refine results. Face masks are high-tech and an ultra-effective way to give your skin an instant hit of love. They are a brilliant tactic to bolt-on the extra ingredients skin needs at optimal points throughout the week and Collagene Expert Plumping Revival Mask is a revitalising sensation for lifeless skin. A richly moisturising ‘queen of quenchers’ with lashings of skin plumping and hydrating actives including Barley, Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid expect a smooth and naturally dewy complexion in just a few minutes. And it wouldn’t be a Collagene Expert mask if it didn’t marinate the skin with heaps of Collagen Molecules which instantly descend into every crease, crack and cranny padding them out for a glass skin effect whilst simultaneously repairing fraying fabric (collagen) to restore skin’s pliability and thickness- it’s just a little decadent reupholstery!

      Despite our best intentions, modern ways of life and work can see us sitting indoors, going from our phones to our laptops, and back to our phones – two words – Tech Neck! Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging around the neck and chest are often hard to target and if we are brutally honest, we all know this is somewhat something of a forgotten area of your complexion. Defi Lift’s Firming Neck and Decollete Gel is magic in a ‘MEGA SIZE’ tube (well in this supreme collection but when it’s gone its gone)! Packed with a plethora of benefits from the almighty blend of skin-loving ingredients, this flash tensor serum is truly unmatched. A salon grade formula the star ingredient is undoubtedly ‘Fixlift Technology’ which acts like a kind of invisible mesh to tighten skin around the neck and decollete with immediate impact. Enriched with powerful collagen booster’s lines and crepiness are minimized and youth and elasticity are restored. Rounding off this groundbreaking formula is the addition of Sunflower Seed Oil which floods skin with long-lasting nourishment and protective probiotic technology to encourage complexion clarity. It’s definitely a serum gel that’s worth sticking your neck out for!

      What I love about this collection is that it will slot seamlessly into your existing youth-boosting regime, and for those young-uns you don’t have to wait until signs of ageing have started to creep in before you use age-defying skincare. Futureproof your skin, ‘bank’ that collagen, it will soften the blow later!


      Lucy x

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