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      Age Benefit Hyper Pigmentation Repair

      If you pay meticulous attention to your skin, it's likely you'll have noticed small areas of discolouration that seem to persist on your face, neck, shoulders, and hands. Technically termed hyperpigmentation, it can manifest as dark spots or patches, inflammation or post-acne scars that just refuse to fade, and finding solutions can be tricky.

      So, what triggers it? There are several reasons for hyperpigmentation - sun exposure, ageing, hormonal changes, pregnancy, acne and of course, genes can all play a part. Whatever the reason melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for skin pigmentation, become overactive and make the skin darker in places.

      The menopause is one of the greatest transitions that a woman goes through during her life and is where oestrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate causing rapid loss of collagen and often a dry, thin, and saggy complexion. Conversely whilst you might be noticing the emergence of wrinkles, the hormonal changes can also cause pimples and acne as well as areas of hyperpigmentation.

      Glowing clear skin is what beauty dreams are made of and it can be frustrating when we start to experience unwanted dark spots. Dealing with hyperpigmentation can be complicated and to tackle it properly you need to treat the underlying cause and find a targeted solution. Gatineau launches its first-ever Age Benefit Hyperpigmentation Repair, a targeted treatment serum that works on improving the appearance of age spots, sunspots, post-breakout damage and much much more.

      Gatineau is one of the most respected names in skincare and with high-performing science-backed products it’s no surprise that they have yet again worked their magic to create another big player to add to the Age Benefit family. Tackling texture, tone, and clarity this clinically proven complexion correcting serum counteracts discolouration and marks, eradicating sunspots and brown patches whilst diminishing the visibility of post-blemish scars, so your complexion looks quickly more even toned and more luminous. It has also been formulated to tackle tell-tale signs of ageing and help skin appear collagen-rich and bouncy. I’m sold already!       

      Kickstarting your battle against dark spots, the stars of the show are a potent, hardworking blend of actives including Liquorice Root, Marshmallow Root and Rice Bran which are all hailed for their brightening effects Interestingly, Liquorice was found in King Tut’s tomb in Egypt and was quickly named the ‘Elixir of life’ and consumed by the Egyptians as a remedy for every ailment. The secret to reaping the rewards lies within the plant’s root which contains over 300 polyphenols that can protect the skin from ageing, environmental stress AND can actually stop redness in its tracks.  Your taste buds might not like it, but your complexion will and dullness and discolouration won’t stand a chance.

      Lending a helping hand to this serum are the performance actives of Niacinamide and Vitamin C, hero ingredients that have gained a loyal fanbase amongst skin-thusiasts. In the realm of skincare ingredients, it doesn’t get much better than these superstars! Boasting an array of beautifying properties, Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 and when it comes to our complexions this ingredient can kinda do it all - brightening and evening out skin tone, regulating sebum production, shrinking pores AND it’s a wizard at strengthening the skin’s lipidic barrier. And with Vitamin C the hype is real. Uneven skin texture, fine lines, pigmentation, rough texture and of course it is most famous for being the best skin brightener out there today. Since Niacinamide and Vitamin C do so many great things on their own it’s no wonder when paired together they form an unstoppable duo meaning your skin will get the best of both worlds in achieving a more youthful, uniform, and healthy-looking finish.

      Skin cells are continuously exposed to environmental stresses and therefore greatly rely on large amounts of energy to combat cellular damage, yet as we age cellular energy levels decline, and these deficiencies can result in premature ageing. Enter PhytoSpherix, an innovative active-ageing plant Glycogen produced by a special variety of sweetcorn and extracted through a mild water-based process. A natural botanical, it provides fast and long-lasting hydrating effects whilst ramping up cellular energy levels to restore that ‘bright aura’ leaving your complexion in hydrated harmony with an even glow. And who doesn’t love an ingredient that has been validated by independent labs? PhytoSpherix has been clinically proven to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and lend a smoother, firmer, and suppler finish – what a smooth operator!

      And with a healthy dose of restorative Tetrapeptide-2 you can revive depleted looking skin to its former glory. A 4 amino acid peptide that mimics the youth hormone Thymopoietin (released from the Thymus Gland that affects the rate at which your skin ages) it works by compensating the loss of thymic factors that come with age and triggers reparative processes restoring key proteins involved in skin support and firmness - collagen, elastin and fibrillin. And that’s not all - this creative peptide goes beyond the call of duty inhibiting Tyrosinase activity which leads to the appearance of pigmentation AND manufactures Hyaluronic Acid delivering optimal hydration and restoring weathered complexions to a supple dewy state.

      And of course, this high-performance serum wouldn’t be complete without the Age Benefit’s signature complex of Artichoke and Hibiscus Extract, an expert double act, that encourage the skin to behave as it does pre-oestrogen levels dropping, ‘consulting’ with the key skin cell receptors to manufacture collagen and elastin and make it firmer and more resilient. The rich supply of Vitamin C and antioxidants in Artichoke make shielding from the external elements a breeze and leads the way towards a healthy happy complexion.

      Dark spots have met their nemesis with Age Benefit’s Hyperpigmentation Repair. This turbo-charged clinical strength serum tackles everything from ageing concerns, uneven skin tone and texture, hydration, and dullness, and is your golden ticket to great skin. The perfect silky texture and full of goodies, this is a hero solution for anyone who feels they have an uneven complexion.

      Lucy x

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