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      2017 Skincare Goals

      Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas break.
      And now it’s that exciting (sometimes daunting!) time of year for self-reflection, and setting goals for the year ahead.
      So I wanted to discuss skincare goals for the year, specifically for those of you who are on your way to turning the ‘BIG 3-0’ this year, or beginning to wonder about the early signs of ageing. You may be admiring your complexion and feeling quite proud of its youthfulness and radiance, which is great news! But 30+ is often a tipping point for the skin, where cell regeneration, circulation, and collagen and elastin production tend to begin noticeably slowing down.
      The most important thing is to encourage and maintain this positive attitude towards our skin, after all there is nothing more beautiful than confidence and a big smile. But it’s also crucial not to take it for granted, and to nurture and take care of the skin; I meet so many facial clients who wish they had started to take simple steps to maintain the youthful health and ‘fitness’ of their skin a bit earlier - because once it does start to decrease, it’s just that bit harder to get it back.
      So if you are turning 30 this year, or beginning to wonder about how to start taking good care of your skin, my most important tip to you is to always protect your skin.

      Protecting Your Skin

      On a daily basis our skin can be exposed to over 5,000 free radicals which attack and oxidise the skin, exposing it to numerous dangers and most importantly accelerated ageing. By using a protective moisturiser day and night you can shield your skin from external harm. 

      Step one

      This is where our brand new Perfection Ultime™ Retexturizing Beauty Cream comes in!

      It’s a light weight daily moisturiser specifically formulated for all 30+ skin types. This ground-breaking product is designed to prevent and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, instantly brighten and smooth the skin texture, diminish pore size, as well as intensively hydrate the skin without overloading it. And it has clinical trials* to prove it:
      100% - improvement in moisture, smoothness and softness
      93% - texture looks more even
      91% - skin more radiant and supple
      89% - facial lines and wrinkles reduced
      85% - appearance of pores is diminished
      *Independent Clinical Trial. Percentage of satisfaction
      Using the Retexturizing Beauty Cream day and night will leave your skin protected, beautifully soft and radiant, and perfectly smooth and plumped, and you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit to take care of your skin!

      Step two

      It’s a common misconception that we only need protection from the sun when it’s visibly sunny. But UV rays have the same intensity during daylight hours the whole year round -  it’s not weather or season dependent.

      One of the biggest favours you can do for your skin is to include SPF in your daily skincare regime. Which leads us to the second product in our iconic Perfection Ultime™ Range; the powerful hybrid Anti-Ageing Complexion Cream. With 5 benefits in 1 this targeted formulation works to prevent the signs of ageing by nourishing and hydrating, protecting with SPF 30, as well as providing a beautiful lightweight coverage. 

      Using this alongside your Retexturizing Beauty Cream will leave the skin protected from free radicals and UV rays, visibly flawless and beautifully radiant, soft and smooth textured, and working hard to improve hydration and circulation. And the best news is to encourage you to take these two steps towards caring for your skin, until the end of January 2017 the Complexion Cream will come as a free gift with every purchase of the brand new Perfection Ultime™ Retexturizing Beauty Cream.

      So caring for and protecting the youthful health of your skin couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable!

      As always please get in touch if you have any questions,

      Wishing you a wonderful 2017,
      Lucy x

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